Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Slacking the month away

You know after my boot camp vacation I had great plans for restarting work on the house and I have done absolutely nothing. No idea where the time has gone. Thinking that being cold as hell, snow on the ground, furnace running, I would hibernate and just plow ahead with the renovations. But no! The holidays, work, and everything else spinning around me I did nothing but think about doing something.

I did have an addition to the family, Molly!!!!

She is 7 years old, and retired. I got Molly from the same kennel as Sugar (aka Princess). She is a good old girl and spends a good 23 hours a day sleeping. She LOVES her pillow and tennis balls. Did I mention she LOVES her pillow? Anyway Molly has done her duty at producing pups and needed a good home. Molly has no real people skills, don't know how to walk on a leash, took a few days to get the idea that we pee and poop outside and not in the house, little things like that. But she is a good girl and only wants some attention and love. We have lots of that here! Sugar is playing the spoiled snot but thats ok, she gets just as much attention as she always did.

Ok so I bought a few toys for me that came from "Santa" I bought a planner and a joiner. I was thinking that the cost of all the stripper I buy it would pay for the planner. As long as what I need "stripped" is less than 10" wide I am ok. I still need the stripper but the planner is much quicker.

Here is a stack of trim needing stripped.

And a pile run through the planner.

And below is the wood primed and repainted with 4 coats of gloss white. I had a guy at work ask me why I was redoing all the woodwork and why didn't I buy new trim to replace the old? I thought I was gonna smack him. In reality I should be smacked in the head, but I just cannot throw away 80 + year old wood in the trash to replace with press wood. This pine is really neat, hard and has a great yellow look to it. To bad I have to paint it.
Here is the final look of the refurbed trim around the kitchen window and the door leading to the living/dinning room.

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