Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kitchen Fan and roof woes

Here are a few updates on the Kitchen. I installed the fan, but because I really don't want to cut a hole in the ceiling after I did all that work on it, I will have to put a recirculating kit on the unit. Really, I should vent the room and may regret not doing it later on.

Hopefully I can get the crown installed this weekend.

Last Friday we had some pretty good and steady rain all day. I was sitting in the front room eating lunch and I kept hearing a drip, drip, drip. I looked over and up to the ceiling and the plaster in bulging down and water is dripping on the wood floor. I walk over and there is water running down the wall and around the switch. Great! what else? So up into the attic I go and sure enough there is water running down a rafter and onto the ceiling and into the wall. So I am waiting for someone to come out and take a look at the roof and give me a quote.

Well I did it. I went and joined the Army Reserves today. Actually I started this whole process back in December. See about 8 years ago I left the Navy after 17 years of service. I thought I was doing the right thing for the time. Things change, people change, and jobs are created and disappear. Anyway, I thought that since I am only getting older and that extra bit of income might come in handy down the road, why not just finish my time up and get that retirement check. After all this house is only getting older (also) and she will need more and more TLC as time goes on.

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