Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grand Rapids trip

Took a long weekend and went to Grand Rapids MI. Beth and I went to the Meyer/May House that was designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright. Wow! is the only real adjective I can come up with. The house was built and commissioned in 1910 and by all modern standards, you would never know this house was a 100 years old next year. It is truly amazing what Wright was able to envision 100 years ago.
For me, it was a very moving experience and absolutely awe struck by the detail and how modern and forward thinking that Wright was for his time. Standing in the house I had the feeling that this house was built only a few years ago.
The biggest thing that I still cannot believe is how this guy envisioned, designed, and communicated his ideas without Auto Cad, virtual walk through or a PC.
There is a 4 part video that you can watch and is very informative on the restoration that was preformed back in 1982. Although I only put a few pictures online (there are just to many to upload) Beth took a whole bunch of pictures and all turned out amazing. All the images are high res. and if you can feel free to download.
What is truly astounding is the detail throughout the whole house. Beth took some pretty close shots of the trim work etc. Very, very, very high quality work.
If you are ever able to visit Grand Rapids or the Meyer/May house you cannot beat the price of admission, FREE! and worth the every penny.
Hope you enjoy the images!

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