Saturday, April 18, 2009


I started to blow the kitchen out this morning. My original thought was to do parts at a time but after getting into the job, and thinking more about it. why would I want to make and clean up a bunch of little messes instead of just one big one? Kind of took my motivation away.

As I got more into tearing things out, I was running into one of those situations that required; if I take this out, I have to take that out first, and that piece needs to go before I take that out. So that was the clincher, I cleaned up and stopped the tear out.

Early this morning, 7:15 to be exact, the delivery truck driver showed up at the door to bring in the new refrigerator. I looked out at the truck, and it was a semi flat bed with a forklift hanging off the back. Since the refer is a return and not a "new" unit, Home Depot will only drop the unit off at the front door step. My "insider" at the HD talked to the driver earlier in the week and asked the him, if for a few extra bucks he would bring the refer into the house.
So "Jim" (that's what we will call him) pulls the refer off the truck and drives the forklift right up to the steps and drops the pallet on the porch. Then we begin to wrestle this monster off the pallet and into the door.
Ah! you thought that this was the end of the story? Nope! just wouldn't fit. Ok, lets take the hydraulic spring off the screen door. Alright Jim, push! shit! it is hanging on the door. Alrightly then, lets take the door off the frame. That did it. I flip Jim a twenty and he cleans up the pallet and the tie downs and jumps on the forklift back to the truck, and down the road to his next delivery.
The whole time Sugar is looking at us and wondering what the hell are you two crazy humans doing? After a few moments of quizzical looks Sugar went into the bedroom and jumped on the bed to take her early morning nap. Now this is not to be confused with her mid morning nap, or the early afternoon nap, or the mid, and late afternoon nap. Then we could take another paragraph about her evening naps.

After "Jim" left I pushed the refer into the frontroom. There is really no reason to put the refer into the kitchen with the pending demo on the calendar so I strategically placed it next to the couch in the front room in case I need an adult beverage it will be close at hand.
Not really, I haven't even plugged it in yet.

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