Saturday, April 11, 2009


So I have this insider friend at the local Home Depot. I get a call and she tells me that they have this GE SXS refrigerator that is a return. So the story I was told by my "insider" is a guy buys this $1300 refrigerator, takes it home and finds out that it doesn't fit in the space that he made in his kitchen. So he brings it back to the store for an exchange and there lands in my lap a brand new Stainless Steel refer that still has the protective plastic film all over it and never plugged in. I really didn't think to much about it for a couple of days and wandered in to the store Friday afternoon to take a look. The damn thing was marked down to $818. Couldn't belive it. This almost ranks up there with the dryer I found at Sears a month or so ago. Again I could have been knocked over with a feather. I haven't seen even a black or white unit in this price range let alone a SS model. So I snagged this deal up and set a date for delivery.

Here is the model number if anyone is interested: gsh25jsxss
I really have not done to much on the house the last week or this weekend with family in town and Easter. Hopefully I can get back on track this coming week and get more trim stripped and sanded.

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