Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A long list

Here is a long list of things that we have done on the house since this spring. I am sure I missed a few things. I have a pile of pictures that I need to post but I will get to those later.

We had the old driveway pulled out along with the Lilac bushes and roots. The guy we had do the driveway said the roots were the hardest things to pull out. We also had the front walk way dug out and new cement poured. The cement was (both the driveway and walkway) stamped to look like cobble stones and we came back later and stained the cement the same color as we found under the original porch landing. A cool find.

We tilled and pulverized the side yard, leveled the yard and re sodded.
Started a fence but had a stop work order slapped on me by the city. (a long story that I will fill you in later with the details)

Landscaped the west side yard.

Replaced 6 basement windows (2 to go)

Installed a water softener (maybe old news)

Finally got a piece of frosted glass for the pantry door.

Repainted the sun room/front porch.

Made a built in desk in what was originally planned to be a breakfast nook. We decieded that a nook wasn't practical.

I am sure that there is a ton of things that I forgot.

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