Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The war comes home

I know I haven't written in many months, but after at late night phone call Saturday night I really felt a need to write something. There are very few times in a persons life that things are kind of put into perspective through some outside influence.
We as Americans really live an insular world. Far removed from what the rest of the world as it spins around us. Whether this is by design or just a total lack of concern it is kind of sad state of existence. Oh yes! there is a big earth quake in Haiti, lets just dump a shit ton of money at the problem and as it fades from the news we forget. Most people can't pin point Montana on a map let alone Haiti.
Where am I going with this?? My sister-in-law's brother was killed in Afghanistan last week. He was executed (yes executed) by the great Islamic warriors called the Taliban.
Great my ass! the Taliban is nothing but a bunch of ignorant, closed and narrow minded clan of latent homosexuals (yes, men and boys are for fun and women are for breeding) that run around with guns and shoot people in the name of Allah! Fuckin blow me ok?
Dan Terry was truly one of the good guys in that country. He was there to help the people and has helped the Afghans for over 30 years. He was fluent in Dari and Pushtu. Dan and his friends were coming back from a 3 week trip from setting up an eye clinic. The convoy of unarmored vehicles were ambushed by the Taliban, robbed, marched into the woods and SHOT one at a time and left. 6 Americans, 1 Brit, 1 German, and 2 Afghan drivers. the Taliban reason? They were spying for America and proselytising. Again blow me! Dan was in tune with god but would never attempt to push Christianity onto a Muslim population. They were doctors, that's all.

I feel very sad for Dan and his family. They are good down to earth people trying to make a difference in a fucked up little country (that most Americans can't find on a map). Dan will be truly missed in this world.

Now my commentary:
Every 79 cents that we spend for a bullet that hits its mark, center mass, on some fucked up bastard that claims his god is better than mine (or yours) is money well spent.
Look don't send me any emails. I am a conservative, pro military, pro American, pro gun, I drive a 13 mpg GMC Yukon XL, steal music and videos off the internet and not apologetic for my morals or opinions. If you don't like me or my writings, move on to the next blog. If your are just totally offended but what I write, go fuck yourself and continue to pretend that none of what happens in this world affects you. Just keep complaining about $3 a gallon gas and ask your councilman to bring a motion at your next city hall meeting demanding a answer to why they closed your local Starbucks franchise. The next time an innocent is shot in the back of his or her head for not following sharia law I hope you puppy dies.

I am a American soldier, when its my time to go to the 'stan' I will send every bullet down range aimed at the Taliban with most vengeance and laugh when one hits center mass. If you believe that none of today's terrorism had to do with religion again go bury your head in the sand.

Cry havoc and release the dogs of war. Can you tell I'm pissed?

So how is that home improvement project going????

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Shane and Casey said...

Sorry to hear about your loss.

Other than stealing music and driving a 13mpg Yukon, you took the words out of my mouth. (I drive a 13mpg F150 and pay $3/mo for Grooveshark) :)