Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ax men

Had a couple tree guys come over a couple weeks ago to give me quotes on removing the trees in my yard. Now before some tree hugger starts to go off on me about global warming etc, just let me say "kiss my ass" I am going to replace them this spring.
The two White Locusts and the Norwegian Pine were growning into the foundation, creating cracks and leaks. The neighbor told me the pine had been there more than 40 years so I suspect it was towards the end of its life span anyway. Limbs would die and fall off all the time into the yard. The locusts? You get out there and rake those leaves. They gave good shade but are really messy in both the spring and the fall. I have tracked in the leaves through the house for a year now and they just never go away. So now that I justified my genocide of the trees, I called 3 guys to come and give me a price to remove them. I figured that it being "off" season for tree removal and these guys are looking for work I would give it a shot.
Stuarts Tree Service did a great job! Cut the trees, ground out the stumps, filled the holes with dirt, raked the whole yard and gave me a credit for the locust wood because it is good burning. Can't say enough about them. They also came in $300 less then the other guys.

I stood outside at lunch watching them cut these bad boys down and the thought occured to me that if I tried to do this myself, A:I would still be trimming the branches off the first tree. B: I would be hanging off of something with a chain saw in my hand. C: cussing like a sailor, and D: where would I put the cuttings?
I like option D: Let the pros do it from a bucket truck.
You can see how big the spruce grew to be in the pictures below. You never really knew how big it was from looking up.

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