Sunday, November 8, 2009

What is OK about OK?

I just looked and relized that I have not written in a month! My excuse? well the month of October I really didn't do to much around the house at all. My excuse now? I am for all intensive purposes in lock down. I had a mid life crisis and went and did a really foolish thing and joined the Army Reserves. Now I am sitting in "boot camp" for middle aged men and a few women. We have all served in another branch of the military and decided to join the Army for various personal reasons. Most people are here just because of the economy. Others, who knows, only them? So I am in week 2 of this fun little summer vacation located in Ft. Sill OK. And so far there is nothing OK about this place. Out of 208 soldiers I am the third oldest at 44, out here humping on road marches, push-ups, sit-ups, and anything else that the drill Sargent's think up to do for there own pleasure and sick sense of humor. I swear 90% of them are suffering from PTSD as most of them are multiple combat tour veteran's of Iraq and Afghanistan. What the Army does is take prior service and cram them into a 4 week course that "normal" boot camp kids get 8 weeks to complete. This last week has been the hardest physically, all 4 platoons of our Battery are physically burnt out with all the physical work we have done. Compounded with the daily grind, we really only get on average about 5 hours of sleep. So needless to say I am burnt out. I would give any day to work on the kitchen in the summer heat again. But that is my twist on my predicament. And I made my own bed.
But for all the tax payers out there, I want to let you know that your money is being spent on some very highly motivated, skilled, and professional soldiers. We have the best fighting force in the world and we should all be proud of the money and personel that we spend it on. These people are true warriors. Gotta go, times running out for my pass and I have to get back to the barracks

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